leHACK will host many challenges, including:

* A public jeopardy-style wargame

* Bug bounty

* Who wants to win Bitcoins ?

* Car Hacking

* Social Engineering Challenge at leHACK !

And more !



This year again, there will be a public wargame. You will be able to fight against other visitors by solving challenge during the night.

You will need a network cable to access the challenge. It is also recommended to come with a power strip to get power all night long.

One of the prizes to win is a formation provided by HS2

We are looking sore some more challenges for this new edition of the leHACK.(An entry to the conference is given to people having written a challenge). If you're interested in, please send us your submissions at to the attention of @majinboo.

Please include the following elements : The name of the challenge, and a writeup/exploit to solve it.

Bug Bounty

Bug bounty programs will be revealed during the opening of the leHACK. This programs will be exclusively saved to the leHACK participants and a wallet of 5000 euros will be assign to the programs in order to pay bug hunters.

Bug Bounty rules

Who wants to win Bitcoins ?

Do you like trolls, questions and bitcoins ? Lucky you, we do too ! This 16th edition of the leHACK will host our first interactive hacker game during which 9 teams of 3 persons will fight to win the ultimate prize: a wallet (almost) full of bitcoins ! The goal is quite simple: the best team to score the maximum amount of points by correctly answering questions (42 is not a valid answer) wins. Since it's an interactive game, our fellow hackers watching the game will be solicited each time the candidate teams are stuck on a question to win goodies and lots of respect !

Teams are made of 3 people, no more, no less, to sign up, send an email at including the name of the team and nicknames of you and your teammates.

Engagement Rules ( in french )


Car Hacking

Social Engineering challenge at leHACK !

Do you like physical intrusion, social engineering, tracking or OSINT?

Get ready for the #SpyingChallenge at #LeHack

What is the Spying Challenge?

For this third edition during the “leHACK” and in a context of omnipresent economic intelligence, you will have the mission to collect information on a set of targets with the aim of satisfying your customers.

This mission will involve open source research, vishing, tracking, social engineering, physical intrusions, lockpicking, etc.

How does it work?

A first qualifying event before “leHACK” will allow to decide between the best teams who will be able to continue the experience. It is in a second time, on July 6, that you will be in the real action! Which profile to participate in the Spying Challenge?

Recommended skills: knowledge of OSINT, picking, software radio, tracking, hacking…

Each team will be composed of a maximum of 4 people.


For whom?

For any person, man or woman, in teams of 3 or 4.

For those who want to have a good time,

For those who want to win, of course.

Okay, and?

Each team will receive a file containing the necessary information for the Spying Challenge. It will take place in two phases, one before and one during “leHACK” on July 6, 2019. You can participate in the first phase even if you do not go to leHACK, but you will not be able to participate in the second phase in that case.


First phase

The first phase focuses on OSINT and hacking aspects. You will need to retrieve some information about your targets from open sources on the global Internet. Search, discover, understand: you must know the lives of your targets better than your wife’s. Other challenges will await you….

During this phase, you will send us your information as you discover it via a method that will be communicated to you later.

Second phase

The second phase of the Spying Challenge, which will take place on site, will only concern the selected teams. So we are talking about the elite, the best of the best.

In this second phase, you will have to observe and locate, take notes, photograph and perhaps even…steal someone else’s property. You will also need to practice your physical intrusion skills: lockpicking, infiltration, etc.

When interacting with your targets, use your charisma and communication skills. Seduction, threats, torture, the techniques are multiple.


  • Laptop
  • Something to take notes and photos
  • Lockpicking and general hacking kit
  • Good mood
  • Bold

We can provide you with the necessary equipment for lockpicking and hacking, but it is best if you bring your own. All other legal in-house tools are welcome!


Life being cruel, only the best team will get a prize. I might as well tell you that you’ll have to do your best!


If you wish to register for the Spying Challenge 2019, please send your application to this address before 10 June 2019 with the following information:

  • Name of the team
  • Participants’s pseudonyms
  • Email contact

You will receive a confirmation after receipt of your registration.

To follow the news of the event, follow the Twitter account @SpyingChallenge. To be noted


Note: The leHACK staff cannot be held responsible for your actions during the event. It is essential that you comply with the legislation in force.