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[EN] I PWN thee, I PWN thee not!

<p><a id=jayson></a></p> <p>Attackers love it when defenses fail. Implementing defenses without properly understanding the risks and threats is usually a waste of money and resources. This is a frank discussion of what control failures an attacker looks for when attempting to breach an enterprise, as well as how an effective control can help prevent an attacker from being successful. Jayson will walk through real-world scenarios that have led to successful compromise of different companies through control failures. He will also give detailed analysis of controls that led to his attacks being effectively thwarted. Learn how to understand and assess real-world risks, as well as simple defenses which can be implemented to better protect your organization.</p> <h4>About Jayson E. Street <a href="https://twitter.com/jaysonstreet">@jaysonstreet</a></h4>