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[EN] You Own Your Computer, I Own You: Lessons from the CIA

<p><a id=carpenter></a></p> <p>Remote access to a brain is the ultimate in biohacking &amp; negates all others. Governments have attempted to control the brain for years, and in this presentation, I cover the remote brain hacking techniques which the US CIA has deemed successful &amp; reliable as well as others used today for medicinal purposes. A computer is just another tool when I own your brain.</p> <p>People may not be aware of the US government’s MKULTRA mind control experimentation program, but even fewer know the details and specific goals which were designed to control the citizenry, that’s you and me. This is not conspiracy chasing; this presentation addresses the technologies which were deemed SUCCESSFUL by research conducted by the CIA and can be deployed on a much larger scale to affect the groups, populations, soldiers and every network administrator today. We will address several situations where these technologies were employed and look at the science behind hacking the brain. We will address the lack of private research to conduct these experiments and the rules put in place so that the average citizen cannot research these things, what government would give the citizens what they need to be free? The presentation will also inform attendees of the major technology classes with the specified mind control effects related to very specific technologies which were conducted, and which are still the focus of active research today. You may have your computer, but how can you control your mind and how will you get your mind to do what you want it to do? Other Talks...</p> <p>Using Molecular Communication Systems to Activate In Vivo Bio-nanorobotic Malicious Code</p> <h4>About Gregory Carpenter <i class="fa fas fa-twitter"></i> <a href="https://twitter.com/gscarp12">@gscarp12</a></h4> <p>International Advisory Board, Mackenzie Institute EC-Council University, Advisory Board ATNA Systems, Board of Directors Co-Author, Reverse Deception &amp; several journal papers Over 35 years US Government including NSA, US Army Cyber Command in counterintelligence, intelligence &amp; medical</p>